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Report on the development of Chinese listed companies of

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[Chinese] "China pharmaceutical net Market Analysis of traditional Chinese medicine listed company development report (2017 Edition)" pointed out that, in the traditional Chinese medicine enterprises have been listed, the company's main products can be divided into prescription drugs, OTC drugs, herbal medicines and Chinese herbal medicine and plant extracts such as different categories, among them, Chinese medicine R & D investment company to become large the main. In addition, the chain and the "net touch" business model has broad prospects. The report believes that enterprises should adhere to standardization, brand development, enhance industry concentration.
(report on the development of Chinese Listed Companies in traditional Chinese medicine, released from Baidu.)
In June 27th, the Xinhua news agency, economic information daily and Minsheng securities jointly issued the report on the development of Chinese medicine listed companies (2017 Edition) in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). It is reported that the "report" comprehensively reviewed the growth environment of Chinese medicine, the listed company's development path and future trend, covered in the domestic and overseas market of Chinese medicine more than 150 listed companies, the indicators are from the 2016 annual report of listed companies, WIND platform and health and drug administration system and other site data.
Large proprietary Chinese companies are the main investment in R & D
"The report" pointed out that, in the listed Chinese medicine enterprises, the company's main products can be divided into prescription drugs, OTC drugs, Chinese herbal medicines and herbal pieces and plant extraction and other different categories. The prescription based enterprises accounted for 54%, occupy the absolute dominant position, Chinese OTC companies and Chinese herbal medicine and planting enterprises followed, with the current basic Chinese medicine market scale matching.
"The report" shows that in the top ten market value of Listed Companies in traditional Chinese medicine, both old and small enterprises, but also the emerging traditional Chinese medicine pieces and proprietary medicine enterprises. Among them, the market value of Kang beauty pharmaceutical and Yunnan Baiyao ranked one or two respectively, the total market value of both reached 177 billion 100 million yuan.
Among the top ten listed companies in Chinese listed companies, more than 20 billion of the revenues are Yunnan Baiyao, Kang Mei pharmaceutical and Baiyun Mountain. In the ranks of net profit, and income and market capitalization, Kang beauty pharmaceutical and Yunnan Baiyao also occupy the top two, net profit of about 3 billion yuan.
Proprietary Chinese proprietary varieties, products have a unique curative effect, exclusive, and products are relatively high margin. Through the protection of traditional Chinese medicine, variety, branding and other ways to extend the market exclusive time, in a relatively long period of time to maintain a high level of gross profit. R & D investment, large proprietary Chinese companies are the main investment in R & D, old enterprises research and development investment is relatively low. The cost of sales, and the company proprietary large health products in large scale ranking, step pharmaceutical sales expenses topped Baiyun Mountain with sales of most of the Chinese listed companies.
Chain and "net touch" business model has broad prospects
The report believes that the potential for future development of Chinese medicine treatment services is enormous. At present, the medical resources of TCM treatment services are mainly concentrated in the public TCM hospitals, and the volume of diagnosis and treatment services in private hospitals and clinics is relatively small, and the marketization is not high. Relates to the Chinese Listed Companies in the business services, such as Tongrentang, Zhejiang Zhenyuan, Thailand and other people have the same Chinese time-honored enterprises adopt "lobby after this hall Zuozhen," Zuotang medicine, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is generally done in pharmacy, drugstore chain formed by opening. In addition, there are some Chinese medicine enterprises through the establishment or acquisition of Chinese medicine clinic, creating TCM clinic chain mode, such as red medicine, talph pharmaceutical etc..
"The report" said that in addition to providing traditional integrated treatment services, doctors in the rehabilitation, pension, preventive care and other aspects of the good opportunities for development, to give full play to the characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment. In these areas, we can give full play to the social capital strength, and realize collectivization development or chain operation, so that the health service industry of Chinese medicine continues to grow and develop.
The "report" also believes that a large area of health is currently focused on the development of the whole industry, non in Chinese medicine clinics, daily necessities and medicine and edible products and other large health products have wide application and broad prospects, and no shortage of innovative pioneer and have achieved some success. In addition, in the characteristics of rehabilitation, sports care, health care for the elderly, cultural tourism and other aspects, Chinese medicine companies have great prospects.
In recent years, the use of the Internet in chronic diseases and health management has improved rapidly. The main Internet investment directions of existing pharmaceutical companies include B2B, B2C, O2O and so on. They are involved in the circulation of Chinese herbal medicine, remote diagnosis and treatment, patient management and chronic disease maintenance. "Report" said, adhere to innovation, adhere to characteristics, Chinese medicine with the Internet, Dongfeng will develop more application patterns.
Adhere to standardization, brand development, enhance industry concentration
The "report" that, along with the rapid development of economy and society, the development of Chinese medicine is facing some new problems, mainly as follows: the traditional Chinese medicine service ability is insufficient, the characteristic and advantage of play is not sufficient; current physician management, drug management system can not fully meet the needs of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics and development, some medicine specialized personnel can not be achieved the physician qualification examination, preparation of varieties of traditional Chinese medicine medical institutions atrophy obviously; planting breeding is not standardized, influence the quality of traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese medicine personnel training way is single, the lack of personnel; TCM theories and techniques of culture heritage and development faces many difficulties.
Among them, the "report" stressed that the upgrading of Chinese herbal medicine quality standards, related to the future of Chinese medicine development. traditional Chinese medicine