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Pharmaceutical industry and chain pharmacies win-win

2019/11/19      view:
In the 5 kernel driver of pharmaceutical industry and chain pharmacies win-win respectively after the analysis, Qingdao Shuangjing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. vice chairman Zhang Shaoquan to return to the health of this theme, the emphasis of health is to promote the all-round development of human beings, but also the economic and social development of the basic conditions.
(Zhang Shaoquan: the key to win-win in pharmaceutical industry and chain pharmacies is to master the 5 driving kernel. Image source: Baidu pictures.)
On July 4th -6, directed by CFDA Southern medicine economic research, punctuation information (Group), medicine economic news, twenty-first Century sponsored 2017 National pharmacy pharmacy week and the twelfth session of the China pharmaceutical industry hundred annual meeting in Yunnan was held in Kunming. In July 5th, as a special guest, Zhang Shaoquan, vice chairman of Qingdao double whale Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the main forum on behalf of participants entitled "the driving force for the win-win situation in the pharmaceutical industry and chain pharmacies". Speech on the situation is undergoing tremendous changes in the pharmaceutical industry today in-depth analysis of pharmaceutical industry enterprises and chain pharmacies how to achieve win-win situation, to carry out incisive analysis, in-depth interpretation.
Partner of "Yue VD+" business strategic cooperation highly affirmed by the Shenzhen Shuangjing pharmaceutical Nepstar chain drugstore awarded the honor of "strategic partnership"; Yunnan jianzhijia health stores named "outstanding marketing partner" is one of the ten; Shuyu civilian large pharmacy chain awarded the "2016 annual ten strategic the supplier growth rate of the first", "outstanding partner award. At the same time, double whale pharmaceutical "Wyatt and VD+ industrial and commercial strategic cooperation" program was recognized by the industry, won the "2016 China's ten largest OTC marketing Bronze Award."".
Zhang Shaoquan in the 2017 pharmacy week main forum speech, around the pharmaceutical industry and chain pharmacies how to achieve win-win situation and launched. He said that if the two sides want to achieve win-win situation, we need to deeply understand and master the 5 driving cores: policy driven, resource driven, professional skills driven, Internet technology driven, quality and brand driven, innovative, value driven marketing.
Kernel 1: policy driven resource
Zhang Shaoquan pointed out that "health China" has risen to national strategy, to "supply side reforms" as the main route, "" health Chinese 2030 "plan" for the top-level design, with three doctors linkage (medical, pharmaceutical, health care) "into the deep water reform mode of the reform of the medical and health system now, this change a series of policies on the health industry model was upgraded to" prevention and cure, raise "the combination of the dividend policy to be fully released, a good time to usher in strong growth of chain pharmacies.
Kernel two: professional skills driven
In the analysis of the driver kernel, Zhang pointed out that, first of all, we should actively acquire customer diagnosis and treatment data, so as to achieve effective supply, reasonable recommendation, combined medication, adequate supply. Secondly, we should mobilize the subjective initiative of medical staff who are well versed in medical technology and have a good service attitude, and actively participate in customer identification and professional training and consultation services. Zhang Shaoquan stressed that, at the same time, but also to create a professional service system, strengthen the ranks of licensed pharmacists, nurturing medical professionals, and comprehensively enhance the chain pharmacy pharmacy service capabilities.
Kernel three: Internet technology drivers
Zhang Shaoquan pointed out that the rapid development of the Internet technology to solve the bottleneck of the pharmaceutical industry, he will bring good Internet technology is summarized as follows: the integration of online and offline through upgrading customers online and offline integration of all channels in the consumer experience, triggering the purchase demand; customer demand for accurate matching of goods; through data analysis, to enhance the consumer understanding, expand the category of demand; focusing degree and speed data, data collection, analysis and management of intelligent decision-making, to maximize business data landing.
Kernel four: quality and brand driven
In the core meaning, importance, Zhang Shaoquan directed product he stressed that the product is connected with the carrier of enterprise customers, but also to meet the basic needs of the customer support. Only genuine, safe and effective products with excellent quality can win customers' attention and recognition. Therefore, the quality of products to promote brand development, brand driven category coordinated development.
Core five: innovation, value, marketing driven
Zhang Shaoquan said, industrial enterprises and chain pharmacies should pay attention to innovation, because innovation can provide new competitive advantages, to tap the deep-seated needs of customers, the realization of the consumer premium. Through the innovation of marketing value, to avoid the homogenization of low-end service and competitive price, fully understand and in-depth understanding of customers, the establishment of new service rules, providing breakthrough value, value creation and value reconstruction rules of value contribution of mutual integration.
"Work, business, customers" three party symbiotic win-win situation, the realization of customer value is the core
In the 5 kernel driver of pharmaceutical industry and chain pharmacies win-win are analytic, Zhang Shaoquan return to the health of this theme, the emphasis of health is the inevitable requirement of promoting the all-round development of people, is the basic conditions for economic and social development. In the healthy development of the industry today to form a "prevention and cure, raise" model of ecological system, pharmaceutical industry, chain stores, consumers of the three party is the "symbiotic" relationship, adhering to the "good medicine" pharmaceutical production enterprises, pharmaceutical terminal "sell medicine", consumers "good medicine" marketing idea, and the core of all this is the realization of customer value. Value creation determines the distribution of value, only with "customer health" as the center, business strategy to join hands, precise layout, can build "work, business, customers" win-win, harmonious health market structure.
At the same time, Zhang is confident of the future development of the pharmaceutical retail industry. He believes that with the "healthy China" rising as a national strategy, the "healthy China 2030" outline of the program comes out